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We are Hawaii Hiking Tours. We offer high-quality Hiking experiences that you, your partner, friends, and family will talk about for years. While there is nothing wrong with sitting poolside at your Hawaiian resort, we want to show you how much more our islands can offer.


We will take you deep into our lush valleys and to visit our giant waterfalls that have been around for centuries. Not only are our valleys and waterfalls amazing and beautiful, but they are also important pieces of our island’s history, ecosystem, and culture. We want to share these beautiful and amazing parts of our island with you, and what better way to experience them than by soaring over them?


What is Adventure with Aloha?
  • Safety: Saftey is our number one priority in everything we do. Our courses, equipment, and guides are designed, engineered, and trained to be extremely safe.
  • Top-notch customer service: We want you to be our “guest” and show and share the adventure of a lifetime while catering to your needs.
  • Quality experience: We have designed and created an adventure with quality in mind. We offer small groups to cut down on wait time, continue to improve and maintain our landscape, and have designed the hiking course to cater to all experience levels
  • Highly trained and professional guides: Our guides go through an intensive 80 hour onsite and classroom training, as well as a 3 week training while they work with a senior guide. Our guides are all CPR and AED and First Aid trained.
  • Education: Our tour takes you through agricultural land, and what a better way to experience it than to learn all about the plants and land you see? Our guides share our Hawaiian history and what makes our islands unique. Our guides teach and share the whole way through your tour.